Saturday, May 05, 2007

Roommates and Fairs

Just a quick couple of pix for family/friends to see....

Laurie and Amber, who will (June 1) embark on the adventure of "Living on Our Own", sharing a beautiful condo down in Costa Mesa, working hard at several jobs and enjoying the satisfaction of independence and their own place:

Karen is participating in Renaissance Faire 2007 today in Los Angeles and then turning 180 degrees this evening and meeting friends who share her Eastern hemisphere interests (all things Japanese, with a bit of Chinese and Korean thrown in for good measure) for an evening in Korea Town, yummy food and good times! (Yes, she's taking other clothes for the second part of her day!)

Michael is helping me load a computer for a fellow transcriptionist to help serve as a back up for her, in case her main "workhorse" goes down for any reason....Thank you Michael!!

Me? I'm typing frantically, finishing up my quota of transcription for today and then I'm going to spend some much anticipated time in my craft room.....pix about that later!


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