Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weather Bulletin

Reporting to you from Cody, Wyoming....

Where the temperature is 24 degrees.....

And the wind chill factor is 8 degrees.....

I'm loving it!

Got my work done, and Quilting will happen this afternoon!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

From Cody

I’m in Wyoming enjoying a few days with Mom and Dad! Yesterday, we briefly visited the new Veteran’s Memorial while we were in town. I thought it was a really nice one and this is the portion dedicated to the Vietnam veterans. Here’s a picture of some of the memories various visitors have left as they came to pay their respects. Up close, we could read letters and see pictures of some of the troops honored by this memorial.

A sidewalk led to other memorials to other wars, WWI, WWII and Korean, etc.

This next picture is for Julie…. (Our “Jewels” who is on our transcription team.)

Julie has a sweet black lab, Hauxs, who loves to ride in her little golf cart over their property, down to the mailbox to retrieve the paper, etc…. My mom and dad scored a golf cart recently that was on sale beside the road somewhere… It’s convenient to hop in it and run to the ranch next door, etc, so Mom gave me a ride yesterday. I tried to talk Jinx and Julie (my parents’ furbabies) into going with us, but they were having nothing to do with it.

This might be because of my mother’s reputation for fairly speedy driving in a former life. I was, however, able to talk Spot into going.

Spot is an antique doorstop dog who has been in the family for about 70 years. He has a constitution of iron….. or some sort of metal! He was perfectly content to ride along, and get some fresh air, before being returned to his rightful place on the bookshelf, holding up some books!

We’ve been running into town from time to time, to pick up internet signal, and to grab a bite to eat at some really great local restaurants. This morning we went to one of my favorite breakfast spots, Our Place, and I had a western omlet and their fantastic coffee! Fantastic flavor, and fantastic price!

I was at Walmart this morning almost before the sun was up…. We rise with the roosters around here and I must have been sleepy and not paying attention, because I “slipped” in Walmart. Worry not…. it was the kind of slip where you “fall”……

And when you get up…

You find yourself holding a pile of fabric…. neatly cut and ready to add to your stash back home!

We went up to feed the chickens a little bit ago….

I enjoy chickens! I think they’re cute, for starters, and who can argue with the value of an animal that gives you (eggs) something worth more than it costs you to feed it?

While I was there, I found the answer to the question “Where’s the beef?”

I can vouch for the fact that some of it is at the Double Doc Ranch, because I got to talk to it!

We checked in with a few of the horses while we were there.… they look forward to the occasional treat and pat!

Once I got home, I put in a little time at the sewing machine. I have the Brick Road all laid out in order around the sewing table (look at Mom’s machine - she’s had it as long as I can remember, and I love it!).

I started sewing them in order and laying them out on the floor in the sunroom.

See what is happening with the colors?? It was completely unintentional that they would line up in diagonal rows of similar colors, but I’m loving it!

I will try to blog again tomorrow!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christmas Mystery!

This is a collaboration between myself and Dad.... I had the copy cat idea. He has the wood shop and the skill!

I was supposed to pick up these wooden parts in Wyoming next week, but there is a pointy metal part for each one, not seen in the pictures below, which Dad thought could be problematic getting through the terrorist screening process these days.... After all, I so fit the profiling criteria for a terrorist. Especially before I get my make-up on. So he sent them to my house this week, thereby giving me a head start on the finishing process!

Since they weigh about a pound each, and airlines are really inordinately particular these days about how much luggage can weigh....this means I can actually pack underwear for the trip. Believe me, by the time I throw my entire business and laptop and footpedal in the suitcase, there's not room, or weight, left for much else!

Using the same techniques I did on the birdhouses, I am adding some "pretty" to these blocks of wood.

I can't tell anyone what they are..... until Christmas! (although I bet someone will guess before then!)

Ho-Ho-Ho!! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

UFO Alert!! Do I smell fire?

Michael went out for a walk today, and in the time it took him to pound around his regular route, he spotted a wildfire that doubled in size while he was walking!

We jumped in the van and went to get a closer peek (being the star lookie-lous that we are) and were happy to see there were already water helicopters (for lack of a proper title!) dropping water from a nearby reservoir on the fire!

(I promise if you click on pictures you will see flames in one, and water 'copter in the other!)

It was quickly contained, thankfully, and I went back to my sewing room....

So for the UFO....

I got the binding on Wiffie's quilt, with the Grandmother's Garden stitch, all around the edge....

And its done!!

Sadie checked it over, and approved (or left in search of a chew toy!)

And I have sixteen squares left over, with some black material. I decided I'm going to send the squares to Wiffie. She can make decorative quilted pillows for her new bed, to match the quilt, or she can pass the blocks to Jackie, to make another baby quilt... Tis up to them!

YAY for UFOs!!! Tomorrow, I hope to cut the last Saturday Sampler block and I'll have all four ready to take to Wyoming....


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Lots of unrelated stuff....

We hit a sale at Kohl's that was pretty phenomenal, and coupled it with a 30% off coupon for the total tab.... Whoo hoo! We basically did our part to rally the current economic mess!!

Michael got a new toy!

In RED!!

Our old Kitchen Aid was 16+ years faithful.... but beginning to get tired and straining over breads and stiff cookie doughs. Since the Great Cookie Adventure of 2008 looms on the horizon, making cookies for all our clients and friends.... we took advantage of the opportunity to get him a newer and much stronger model!

This puppy retails in some places for $500....but normally one can find it for less. We found it at Kohls for $399, and then applied that 30% coupon! Yay for an additional $133 off! Roughly, we got it for $270, I think. My mad math skillz being what they are, I may be deluding myself. But it sure seemed like a bargain.

He's tested it already and its a really powerful mixer. I read somewhere it supposedly will do six loaves of bread at once..... I can't wait to try some good whole wheat bread for the girls!

I also picked up some plain white china.

I have been wanting to get plain white for a couple of years now, in order to use quilted placemats and tableclothes that are seasonally appropriate, and not have to worry about whether the china pattern competes or clashes with the quilted items. Not that it's something I lose sleep over, it was just a "someday I'd like to" sort of thing. I had seen pretty decent white stoneware at Penney's occasionally, usually for around $99 on sale.

Well, Kohls had a pretty set of Oneida white stoneware on sale for $60.... place settings for 8 with 61 pieces total.... more pieces than I can imagine meal courses for, and serving platter/creamer/sugar to boot. I applied that 30% coupon to that, and got the stoneware for about $40.... less than a buck per plate!

We trudged home with our treasures (plus a few extras, like this table runner which was $15, marked down to $7 and then had that lovely 30% coupon applied!)....

Now it's back to staying frugal for a while! It was fun to shop and pick up some things we had wanted, at such bargain prices.... but things are tight all over, so we will behave for a while now!

The garden has pretty much faded to a nice memory. I got the last of the cherry tomatos collected and dug up the old zucchini plants, etc. Michael picked up the composter we qualified to get for only $20, after Karen and I attended the free composting class at the Arboretum.

I gathered all the old plants from the garden and put them in the composter.

I started layering them alternately with shredded paper, kitchen scraps, etc. Did you know even DRYER LINT can be composted?? I'm trying to train myself to save egg shells, coffee grounds, etc. Hopefully after a winter season of doing this, I should have a good quantity of nutrient-rich compost to add to the garden.

(dryer lint, potato peelings, eggshells, coffee grounds, wilted spinach - What a mess!)

Mother Nature decided to get in on the composting act. We've had severe Santa Ana winds which unfortunately have resulted in devastating fires in some areas of Los Angeles, but here in our area, served to denude the trees of dry, tired leaves.... They are perfect for adding to the composter. I collected three huge bagfuls, and two garbage canfuls.

I used the patented Bury Compression Method to get as many in each container as possible. I should be able to add kitchen scraps (added to and frozen in an old coffee can all week) to the composter and top it with a thick layer of dried leaves, each week, for quite a while.
It occurs to me that this will either be a successful supply of good soil additives..... or a very stinky mistake. *crosses fingers*

I spent some time in the sewing room over the weekend. Daughter Karen joined me, and she blogged about our evening! You can click here to read all about it! (it's the second entry from the top, called "Saturday Quilting" and there is an area to click for pictures and commentary. I loved it! Funny Tiger story, too!

Today I did better at The Schedule! I worked early, worked hard, and then did the floors downstairs.... (That's a thankless 1-1/2 hour job, what with the vacuuming, dry dust-mopping for missed doggie hair, wet mopping for dirt, grime, and doggie footprints, and then the patented Bury Floor Polishing maneuver which involves a large bathtowel under feet, skating around drying the floor to avoid spots!) Then I made it upstairs.

I cut three more blocks of the Saturday Sampler quilt. Since I am not making the center medallian, I needed to make four more blocks to fill that space.

I think this one was called Greek Cross. If I'm not mistaken, it has about 56 pieces. Sheesh! Not nearly as involved as some that the NearlyInsaneQuilter has done, but still, thatsalotta pieces!

I think I'll work on sewing these cut blocks together, and also a Brick Road, next week when I visit Wyoming to see Mom and Dad. I'm only going to have four full days there, so I'm not taking a whole lot with me to work on.

Meanwhile, TuffGirl (Kimi) is catching on to life at Chez Bury Kennel. She and TuffBoy (Jerry) are inseparable.

(a rare quiet moment..... translation: recharge mode!)

"Auntie" Sadie shows her the ropes and they have a great time tearing around the back yard. Sometimes they move so fast that this is what I catch with the camera.

Here's a few shots of puppy cuteness!

I've also been working on some cards. Here's a couple I really had fun making - Karen helped me with some of the coloring. We found it very relaxing!

I'm kind of floundering at them. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm having fun and some of them turn out pretty well! I'm hoping that I will be able to make up nice collections to give as gifts this Christmas. With the cost of greeting cards these days, I think they would make a nice gift!

I'm off to bed.... I'll be up to work early, and try to make it into the sewing room again tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Schedule - It Flopped


I keep starting off with such good intentions, and then getting side tracked with things like.... installing chicken wire in the backyard to prevent small dogs from getting on the slope and thereby accessing areas of the perimeter fence that they can escape under....

Repairing a toilet.

Potty training a puppy.

The never-ending hunting and gathering endeavor (grocery shopping).


Laundry that I discover AFTER I think I'm all caught up for the day and free to go sew.

Potty training a puppy (you have to go again?!).

And more dishes.

I will try again tomorrow.

Today, I did manage to squeeze in a work out, and put painter's tape all around one border of Wiffie's quilt... as a guide for some quilting in that border. It's a method I call Home Depot Meets Machine Quilting 101. Pix when it's done.

(after the dishes I just found in the sink are done.)