Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Karen!

Karen turned........(drumroll please......) 27 today!

Now I ask you, how can this be? I'm only 25! I clearly remember the candles on my last cake, a mere two weeks ago. Some things just aren't meant to be understood I guess. Math never was my strongpoint anyway!

She and I ducked out tonight for a girls' night out, a yummy Chinese buffet and then an exciting run to "the Walmarts". We will do a family dinner out with Mr. B. and Laurie another evening.

We did, however, enjoy her cookie (cake) and she opened a few gifts tonight. The best giggles were heard over this cute little doll that Mr. B. found her. It sings (raps) a birthday song!

Happy Birthday Karen!


In other good news, its The Weekend! This means I can continue setting up my quilting room.

I thought I had it like I wanted it. I sewed in it a few times, and now I have a few ideas to make it work better for me.

I also viewed my video that came with my HandiQuilter frame, and that sold me on the idea of having my frame up all the time. It is going to be something I will use a lot, so I'm not going to want to have to set it up each time (although the video made it look awfully easy.) I promptly finished building my last table, and Bestest Buddy happened by for a visit just in time to help by painting it for me!

So tomorrow, I will completely mix it up and the room will look different! Pictures will follow when the dust settles.