Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Be Tired.

In fact, I think all of us are tired, here at Chez Bury.

The Great Cookie Adventure of 2009 is done. Michael will deliver the cookies to our clients tomorrow, and then have a long winter's nap.

I personally may start my nap the moment his car leaves the drive.

That was a lotta cookies.

However, there has been other stuff going on here. I just have been the usual absent bad blogger.

Quilting get-togethers took place, and November and December blocks for our BOM (Home Is Where The Heart Is) were done. We're finished!

I had pictures of the last get-together, and I can't find them.


Anyhoo. The gaping hole in our respective calendars from having completed this BOM meant that we of course signed right up to do another one! We'll be doing the Web Sampler next year! At this point, I think each of us has picked a different "finish", but the blocks will be the same patterns.

I'm also planning to do the Saturday Sampler at Orange Quilt Bee (sooooo delicious!). I know. I'm crazy. 2010 will be a fun year if I pull off even HALF of what I want to do!

Next year, however, is now to be known as The Year of the UFO. Several of us..... ahem.... Most of us, have more projects than we know what to do with, sitting around categorized as UFOs. This year - we will finish ALL some of them!

Later when I have more time than I know what to do with, I will be updating my sidebar to reflect the projects I hope to finish next year. I even made a banner to keep my elderly brain on track.

And here's one of the UFOs..... I went upstairs Saturday night and completed one of the blocks for a UFO I have that is called Safe Haven (a "vintage" Thimbleberries quilt I am going to enjoy completing!)

That's it. I'm pooped. .... G'night!