Friday, April 27, 2007

Grosbeak convention

Thank you Mr. Google. I found the following blurb about the bird Karene had identified as a grosbeak which has been visiting my feeder lately. I had noticed the feeder was emptying in record time. Well, here's why:

Grosbeaks are slow-moving birds, deliberate in their motions and show little fear of humans. Boldly colored males are a treat to watch at your feeders even though their appetites can match their body size.

Yup. The feeder empties even faster when there is more than one. Hearing a ruckus at my office window this morning, I turned around to investigate. I grabbed the camera and you'll have to excuse the lousy focusing job. It was 6:30 a.m. and I was only one extra-large mug of the Brown Elixir of Life into my day.

My feeder was being visited by what I thought were two male the same time. They were very vocal but remarkably well-behaved, what with them both being boyz, and you know, starving!

I noticed one was reading the riot act to something/someone just out of camera range......and there was another male on the bar to the left of the feeder!

Later, one of the gentlemen brought his missus back to the feeder and they struck a pose for their fans.

It is a bird convention. I think I better get another bag of niger thistle. Soon.

Enough of my Wild Kingdom. Its Friday. With any luck at all, I will get caught up today and can spend some time tomorrow in my craft room. (Crosses fingers) Bestest Buddy might even be able to join me for a bit.

But before I post this, here's a classic from one of my physicians dictating a History and Physical for a patient having cataract surgery:


She is a nonsmoker. She has eleven children. (Editorial note: In a tone of reverence and wonder, he then stated the following.) Amazingly, she is a nondrinker and does not use street drugs.

'Scuze me while I go clean my monitor. Slight spraying accident here, what with me slurping from my mug when I heard him dictate that....

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Jit Fong Chin said...

Hi there, I occasionally surf the Web for Orange County blogs and I found yours. Nice job attracting Grosbeaks to your feeder! I've just started getting interested in birding myself. Too bad I live in an apartment, or I'll put out some feeders too.