Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Miss Laurie Lou Lovebucket!!

Its only been a couple of hours. I knew this was coming, and I was such a pile of churned up emotions about it. Laurie and Amber have been working very, very hard. They've saved the first month (and the deposit) and they've counted the days.

I'm so happy and excited for Laurie. My time as a young single woman ("back in the day"......just shortly after dinasaurs roamed the earth) rooming with girl friends, learning to budget, having my own place, learning responsibility, having pot luck dinners with friends, getting to work (two jobs!) on time.......those were some of the best years! I still had the energy to tackle life head-on, and it was sweet. I am happy for her to step out there and experience this. All of it, the good, the difficult, the satisfying!

One 9 foot by 9 foot bedroom......filled her car.....

and The Freighter!

And she even got the doors shut!! We did it!! Mr. B not only helped load, but did the driving honors and we caravaned down to her new rented condo where Amber was already waiting with their friend Mark, who was a true knight-in-a-teeshirt helping us haul everything inside.

Laurie's place is so cute! She has a great bedroom, nice ocean breezes, an adorable downstairs with living room, dining area and a really nice kitchen. They have a two car garage and lots of storage space. She's painted two walls in her room and working on the last two tonight. I'll take more pix next time I visit.

It was hard to leave - she was sad and we were sad. But I bet by now she's unpacking her dishes and smiling that beautiful smile, and settling in.

I love you Laurie! You Can Do This!!

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