Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pictures from my pea-honie!

That's what Karen sometimes calls her phone.  Her pea-hone.  or Pea-honie.

Anyway, been way too long since I posted.  I have finished a baby quilt I will try to remember to post a pic of here, must get it in the box and on it's way to the now week-old little one! 

Just wanted to share some glimpses of spring here in my neighborhood.... I live very close to a reservoir and there is a paved trail around it that I really enjoy walking.  Here's my take on today:

 I think the caption for this one should be "bloom where you are planted".  That is a wild flower blooming from the open end of a pipe near the water's edge!

 One of my favorite backyards that backs up to the trail...

Chugging two or three miles around this path is a pleasure! Now, up to my sewing room to play!