Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Emma and I, we're fighting

I've named my new embroidery machine Emma. Not very original, but I thought naming her(!) was cute, and envisioned Emma and myself sharing many happy moments, bonding over beautiful embroidery designs.

As an aside, whenever Sadi (my daughter's dog) chews up yet another item of clothing, Laurie informs her, "Sadi, we're fighting!" This usually only lasts long enough for Sadi to solemnly sit down and look up at Laurie with her most innocent expression, manufactured at will, to get herself out of trouble.

Well, I spent some time with Emma today. My parting words to her were "Emma, we're fighting." In retrospect, I am not sure that it is Emma's fault.

Actually, truth be told, I am absolutely sure it's pilot error, or memory card failure.

But repeatedly, after carefully discerning which format to download, and following instructions from the manual, etc., I put the memory card into Emma and received an error stating that I had a "fat file error". Further investigation on "the internets" suggested that I needed to reformat.

That's the story of my life. I have a "fat" error and I need to "reformat".

But I won't go down that rabbit trail. I reformated several times. I formatted it in FAT32 format and just plain FAT format. At least with plain FAT, Emma accepted and opened the memory card. She just found it blank. It left my laptop with an embroidery file on it. In the three feet it traveled to enter Emma's sleek silhouette, it "lost" it.

Several times.

I will consult my Teacher Extraordinaire (the Esteemed JanetSalcido!) about this and also call the company that sold me the machine and memory card. I know deep in my gut this is pilot error. I'm doing something dumb....or overlooking something major, somewhere along the way.

(It really was a reflection of the rest of my day. I tried to work on Project Number Four Thousand Eleventy-three this afternoon. I had moved all the wood for the picnic table to the backyard, and propped the bench seats over bins and was slathering the stain/sealant/weatherproofing on them when I jostled one and bumped another and upended the entire can of $11.99 stain/sealant/ weatherproofing on the grass. It hasn't been my day.)

I decided to abandon the downloading of embroidery patterns and just go with seeing if I could get Emma to do a simple monogram or name. Success!

I'm stopping while I'm ahead. Tomorrow is another day. In the meantime, "Emma, we're fighting!" But I still think we have a future together!

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