Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to regularly scheduled programming

The yard is done, as you can see from the previous entry.... What a feeling of accomplishment. We worked with George Martinez Landscaping and I can tell you that in our years as homeowners (30+), we have NEVER had a better experience with a contractor. George Martinez is a gentleman, an extremely detail-oriented and meticulous businessman, and a pleasure to work with! He's already gotten a few additional bids in our neighborhood based on the great job he did for us (not to mention our glowing recomendations) and we have already told him we will be calling him back next year to resurrect our back yard.

But now, a more normal pace can resume. There might even be quilting stuff on this blog again.... And the occasional family celebration....

Speaking of which, we had a Second Saturday gathering this month and celebrated (a bit late) the birthdays of Laurie and Patrick.

Lasagna (for the carnivores), tofu-spinach stuffed shells (for the vegetarians), a fantastic salad provided by TiJae, and birthday cake....

Candles were lit....

and blown out after singing took place!

and cake was appropriately consumed!

Games were played on the Wii. (And we had fun making new characters!)

Leftovers were divvied up and sent home with the kids..... And it was over... :(

But hey, there's always next month!

And as for quilting.... I'm happy to report I actually got the October block for "Home is Where the Heart Is" assembled (though not embroidered) before the end of the month! I'm not entirely happy with how the witch is lost in the fantastic dark spooky sky fabric we found, but still, quite cute! The witch, cat, ghost and pumpkin still need faces embroidered and then I must sash it and add the strip of pumpkins, but Progress Was Made.

And this week, I'm trying something new. I'm endeavoring to get my household chores, and all my work done, before the weekend.

Even if it kills me

Even if it leaves me too tired to sew

Even if the house still looks like crap, I'm going to have my own Personal Sewing Retreat this weekend. If my work is done, I'm getting up Saturday and Sunday and spending minimal time at computer managing the biz, and then I'm heading upstairs.

Michael has been advised that Proper Protocol for the husband of a wife who is "retreating" is to regularly refill coffee cups, take care of all five dogs, feed himself and/or bring home dinner, field phone calls, and don't forget to pry her out of the chair at 9 pm to go to bed. He took notes!! I'll let you know how it goes - I am SO looking forward to just sewing and listening to music....