Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. B!!

Yep.....Mr. B. celebrated his birthday on Sunday. I grabbed a quick pic of him all dressed up, since dressed up for us usually means "a clean shirt and jeans".

It is the general consensus that he will blow away soon, given his extraordinary success at losing weight. Either he will blow away, or we will blow him away, because the women in this house are jealous of his "determination" and "single-mindedness", as his boss so politely put it. If I ate as little as he has eaten lately, I wouldn't be thinner. I'd be dead. Sigh. Its not fair that men can lose weight more quickly than women, but its a proven fact.

We celebrated with a dinner at Black Angus, and then returned home for presents and cake....

I had a golden opportunity to "get even" with him for reversing the candles on my cake, but in the end, my predisposition towards senility caused me to have a "5" and a "6" candle on hand, which I planned to reverse to 65. (heh-heh!)

Only he's 57 now. So much for that. We "rounded up" and we put a candle on the cake for each decade (almost) and he successfully blew out six of them. His favorite gift, I think, was the rose bushes the girls and I got him. His face lit up when he saw them, and we will hopefully plant them tomorrow. We both like roses, so we love having them in the yard.

And despite all I hear about roses being picky, and needing to be pruned precisely, they are pretty forgiving. The two we have out back now have survived my whacking them occasionally to bring a few stems inside to savor. We should have them constantly now!

Happy Birthday Mr. B!!

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