Sunday, March 27, 2011

Success with a few Farmer's Wife blocks

Yay.... This was fun today! I completed three blocks for my Farmers' Wife quilt.

I like checking my progress using the OleFrogEyes virtual design wall. I noticed today I need to incorporate some RED in my Farmers' Wife - fast! Such a useful tool to see it all right in front of me, without having Kimi hijack a block off the floor and take it to her bed to snuggle with it! It really helps with my color selections for my Sylvia blocks too!

A gift idea....

I took a break from the tiny Sylvias and Farmers' Wife blocks, and made two nice big 12 inch blocks from stash, and a pattern from Then I snagged two pillow forms from Joann's with a 25% off coupon.... *Yay!*

The result:

A bit of spring time color for my Mom who has a birthday next week!

And I think I'm going to make another set for perhaps Mother's Day, that is patriotic red/white/blue in another quilt block pattern.... She can unbutton the springy ones and button on some new ones for Flag Day and Fourth of July. A set in fall colors would be a nice surprise in September. And obviously she could use a set in Christmas fabrics in December. And I think I will double the whole idea, cos I want a set too!

Today, it's back to my regular challenge: Making progress on Farmers' Wife blocks. I'm 75% done with "Birds in the Air".

More pix later!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh yes, she did!

Laurie made another quilt! this one is for Courtney (Jason's daughter) for her 16th birthday.

She designed the layout herself, planned the heart center, added some patches for some of Courtney's favorite bands and some cute sayings, and there are more on order that can be added later.

We couldn't find an L7 patch or a Face to Face patch, so we duplicated them with machine embroidery or applique! She's off to Modesto this weekend to celebrate Courtney's birthday and give her the quilt.

I'm eyeing this weekend, and thinking I will split any free time between garden (making a few raised beds) and sewing room. Come on, Friday!


Sunday, March 06, 2011


I have no idea where February went. Seriously.

And I have not a whole lot to show....but click on the OleFrogEyes widget to see my progress on my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler....

I completed F9 tonight.

This one.... there are no words no printable words. Even with making triangles to avoid the dreaded "Y" seams.... It was confusing. It involved unsewing. It turned out too big.

I have resolved that I will absorb the extra quarter inch of extra size by making skinnier sashes around that block. So there.

I think the next block will be easier - if for no other reason than there are paper piecing options. Yay!

After F10, I'm switching over to Farmer's Wife for about ten blocks..... And I hope to get together with Karene next weekend and tackle a Lovebird Lane block.

The projects are never ending. I have so many things I want to make. My garden is calling me. I seriously must figure out how to get over this "work" thing.

It's taking up way too much of my quilting and gardening time!