Saturday, May 19, 2007

Halloween is over, finally

There is hope. It is no longer Halloween in our kitchen.

The tablecloth that has languished past Halloween, through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter.....

And the new super-deluxe all-season "Walmarts" special, currently relaxing from its tightly packaged and wrinkled condition, "becoming one" with the table it protects....

I like these flannel-backed vinyl tablecloths.
  1. The table is protected.
  2. They clean up easily.
  3. Spontaneous "projects" undertaken by other members of the household do not cause me to have a panic attack.

(They are hard to find sometimes. And let's face it, its even harder for my brain to remember to even look for them when I make my exciting trips to "the Walmarts". Hence a Halloween cloth in May!) They aren't fancy, but they will suffice until I get my super-organized self into a position to create lovely quilted tablecloths that I wash and iron and coordinate with the seasons.

(Yeah, right. I'm hallucinating again! As much as I love that look, I am not sure there are ever going to be enough hours in the day.)

Now. I'm on a roll. Maybe I can get those Christmas ornaments properly wrapped and put June 1. (Hey, they're off the tree and in a least they are not still visible!!)

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