Monday, May 07, 2007

Sniff, sniff! We're on fire, again?

This morning, Bestest Buddy Karene informed me that she smelled smoke from in the direction of my house. I stuck my snoz out the door and inhaled deeply, since smoke isn't something I take lightly this time of year. Nuttin', honey. I decided all was well....but it turned out to be A Prediction.

This afternoon Mr. B. announced "we're on fire again! want to go for a ride?" And being the superlative lookie-loos that we are, we hopped in the car and headed in the direction of the fast growing plume of smoke. (I'm easily distracted after a long day of transcribing!)

Actually, he remarked that since it was such a hot day, he was just looking for an excuse to get in The Freighter which has fantastic airconditioning. He had a good idea with that one. It is roasty today. Hot Santa Ana winds, which of course, made for perfect conditions for a fire.

I had grabbed the camera as we dashed out the door, and we climbed a hill and I decided to take a picture. Remember that predisposition for senility? No memory stick.

To his credit, he didn't even tease me. Back home, grabbed the stick, and tennis shoes this time, instead of flip flops (ya think??!!) and we scampered up the hill again, stomping down sage brush and dried weeds...

Here's the 91 East, which looks just about normal for this time of day, meaning, barely moving.

Scary stuff. I missed a great shot of the plane that drops the chemical, by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but if you look closely here, you can see the helicopter dropping another load of water where it is needed. (clicking on pix makes them bigger too.)

I'll be anxious to see what the news says is the cause of this fire. Mr. B. is betting on a cigarette tossed out of a car on the freeway. I hope not. It takes so little to ignite us at this time of year. This fire is in the area of a small campground and it would be so sad if someone's carelessness cost this family their livelihood.

Edit: Don't know how long the link will work, but better pictures and article regarding cause of fire can be found here:

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