Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hands2Help Charity Quilt

My Hands2Help Charity Quilt is done! This quilt is going to Romania and hopefully will make some little one a bit warmer next winter, and give them something bright and cheerful to warm their hearts too!

You can read about the Hands2Help Charity Challenge here. I hope this challenge is repeated again next year! It was fun and such a good reason to spend time in my Happy Place (my sewing room!).

Here's a last look at a couple of the cute dinosaur faces!

They made me smile the whole time I was making the quilt! Thank you Kathy, of TroublesomeCreekQuilts for picking such awesome fabrics to exchange with me!


Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth!

We had a quiet Fourth of July weekend. First I worked.... filling an entire Lawn Garbage bin to the top with weeds and overhanging lily fronds from our front border that were choking out the gardenia bushes. I yanked a bunch of dead petunias. Then I turned the soil a bit and worked in a couple bags of compost. And then I planted vincas. Then I collapsed. Then my lower back registered it's disapproval of the whole morning's events. Ow! I'm getting to old for this craziness!

When I was semi-recovered, I decorated the front porch a bit.

Then, I typed. Ugh. Enough said.

Then, I played! Sunday, the gang gathered at the Orange Quilt Bee and enjoyed a class with our favorite Teacher Extraordinairre, Janet. I had missed going and I managed to go two weeks in a row! I will wait now, for the next time there is a single class and then catch up with everyone again! It was fun!

Monday, I got up to the sewing room mid day, and I finished up the above two Sylvia blocks.

G6 and G7 are done!

Once I get done with this row, I have to devote some serious attention to completing a couple of flimsies. My Hands 2 Help quilt needs to be quilted and bound. And Dad called and said they sure could use a couple of quilts to auction for the Yellowstone Bible College fundraiser. His friend, Dr. Bill, is the president of the college and was telling Dad about the auction. Dad and I picked two from the stack of flimsies he and I have waiting, and I will quilt those and send them on up to him. I told Michael I need the dining room table for a month! As long as I am done before he starts his Master's program in August, it will be fine. Once his classes start, I think I can kiss my dining room table good bye for a Long Time! It will be his school desk!

Last thing I did tonight was make a Christmas present for a certain young man I know, who loves to barbeque.... It is an apron and this is what I put on the front of it. (Design from


Back to the grindstone tomorrow, but it looks like it will be light. Maybe I'll be sewing by lunchtime!