Monday, June 18, 2012

Checking in...

More than anything, I'm checking in to see if blogger has made any huge changes while I've been lost in my sewing adventures.  Seems like every time I let a month (or three) go by, I come back to a format I am not familiar with!
Anyhoo, that's my story and I'll see if I can post a few pix.  I spent this past weekend sewing.  Made my days, I tell you!  I am feeling the effects of the recession in my transcription business, but the upside of less work, is more time to sew.  I could get used to this "weekends off" stuff! I sewed with Ellen and Karen on Saturday and got to meet and enjoy the company of her delightful cousin Melanie.  We had a ball!

These are from a red, white and blue sampler I'm doing...  Ellen and I are both making this one.  I've been working the blocks in scrappy goodness while she used some fabric that was bought specifically for it.  I'm enjoying these so much (they are 12 inches finished - LOVING the size increase from the Farmer's Wife types!).  We've got another one planned to begin! Sunday I joined everyone at the Orange Quilt Bee, and made two more blocks!

I have two more to do, and then I'm ready to throw on setting triangles to make the blocks even bigger, and will make a twin sized quilt, sashing in a dark blue, I think.  As a friend pointed out recently on Facebook, it's less than 200 days until Christmas, so I need to get hopping on this one and get it quilted! While I was at the Bee, I saw some pretty awesome quilts that were calling me....this one even had my name spread across it!

Jenny was working on binding a quilt she has made as a wedding gift!  Pretty!

Karen persevered, drank coffee, frogged mis-sewn portions, and persevered some more . She now has a finished flimsie ready for the quilting frame.  AWESOME!

I saw this wall hanging, caved in, and placed an order for it.  This will be made from Christmas stash drawer(s).... that justifies it, right!?!  (sorry, dark pic!)

I saw this cute Sunbonnet Sue being pinned!  It made me want to run home and make a few more of my  Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  I've been doing about three blocks a year and getting side tracked! Snicker!

So cute!  I enjoyed spending time with Karen, Ellen, Jenny, Yvette, Nancy and Pat.... (We missed Beth!!)  Such fun ladies!!  The shop hop is going on this weekend and next, and that means extended hours.  We're planning to get together early before our final class with Janet 'Sensei' for June, and sew the day away again!

This week I'm going to quilt a lap sized quilt Karen has made for a girlfriend, and this weekend Jason is finishing the flooring in Laurie's old room - the Great Move (of the sewing room from the loft to that bedroom) will commence after that.  Combine that with three dog sits over the next two weeks (two overlapping for seven days!), sewing time will be at a premium, and most of my time will be spent knee deep in dog hair and wagging tails.... It will be a while before I have much to show here.  But I'm seven blocks from done with Farmer's Wife and two blocks from done on the Red/White/Blue sampler, so hopefully, I'll whip those out and be ready to start new projects in the "new" sewing room.  That's all, folks!  I'll see if this posts successfully!  :)