Sunday, May 20, 2007

Progress :)

Progress - be it ever so slow!

I have the tables rearranged, and added a bookshelf at one end of the table so that I could extend my tracks and hopefully, always be able to quilt up to a queen sized quilt. If I make a quilt bigger than that, I'm going to have to send it out.

I got everything nice and level, and actually put my machine on the track briefly last night just for grins.....and I definitely was grinning! Its going to be so smooth and fun! Today, I hope to eek out a bit more time in the room, putting velcro on the poles and then attaching the leaders, and maybe, just maybe, setting the machine on the tracks for real and permanent!

But first, I have to type about 4,592 reports, proof the work my fantastic "peoples" have turned in over the weekend, and then I have to do my Domestic Goddess title maintenance work (vacuum and mop the floors downstairs since the dog hair is swirling around my ankles, and get to the grocery store.....) After that, I'm clear to hopefully get a tad further with the HandiQuilter set up.

She needs a name (the machine). I'm silly that way. Actually, I'm silly unique in a lot of ways, but I digress.

Sigh. Work is a four-letter word.

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