Monday, May 14, 2007


I have a lot of humming birds that visit my feeder, but one little hummer that visits every morning, without fail, sits on the same spot on the oriole feeder and watches me inbetween sips. Scuze the screen, I have no choice but to shoot the picture through it.....she has such a graceful profile as she sips away....

And I've been enjoying visits from a hooded oriole in the last few days. Today I tried once again to get his picture before he took his skittish self right outa here....

And failed again. He is way too fast.

And look what is growing in the yard......I finally broke down and cut a few and brought them inside.

They smell sooooo nice!

It may be Monday, and Monday is my Challenging Day, but the birds and flowers make it worth while!

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