Saturday, April 21, 2007

A few more of my favorite things....

Dinner with the family....that I didn't have to cook, or clean up after! We went to Chevy's for Mexican, and it was really tasty.

We headed home for a thoughtful alternative to a traditional cake: Michael and Laurie picked out a "no sugar added" cherry pie, low carb ice cream and whipped cream for those who wanted it, and Michael put candles on if it were a cake.

However, with his usual sense of humor, he added LOTS of candles. I mentioned that I didn't need a "bazillion" candles and he corrected me, reminding me that "of course I did" because I'm "a bazillion years old!"

His shenanigans continued with his reversing the 5 and 2, and making me 25 again. Lighting them caused a small inferno....

And at one point he gave me a huge cannister of cashews (my favorites!) and pointed out the label on the top, heralding that the company had been producing them for 100 years. "You're almost as old as the nut company!" he crowed. Apparently he had been waiting THREE DAYS to point that out.

But he managed to save his head from getting "bonked" by giving me a gorgeous set of wind chimes. It is so pretty, has a leaf theme with glass leaves throughout, and it is hand-tuned to a D chord. I will take a picture tomorrow when I get it properly hung on the porch. The sound is just amazing!

He also gave me a pedometer and we pounded 5000 steps (2.2 miles) around the neighborhood to work off our dinner and dessert indiscretions. And he found a cute store that had a new welcome sign to replace my sun-damaged tired-looking one - I will put it with my flowers out front tomorrow. Thank you, Michael! (he's almost forgiven for the candles and the age jokes......almost!)

And my girls gave me a beautiful and very meaningful card (with craft dollars inside to get supplies for my new sewing/embroidery toys!!) Thank you Karen and Laurie!!

It was a fun day. :)

("25!!!" she sputters as she wanders off to bed......)

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