Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frugal Friday Came Early This Week!

Summer Living® Solid Umbrella
orig. $99.99
sale $49.99
At Kohl's!!

(Nine feet span!)

I was happy to see it on sale and when I showed the ad to Michael, he just grinned! We went over there and there was only one left.....but I could have it (the floor model, which had been up for only a couple of days!) for an additional 10% off!!

But it gets better! The heavy decorative stand? Marked down also, from $$39.99 to $19.99.

So up to the register I went. And there, I watched it ring up......$49.99, minus $5.00 for floor model discount, plus 19.99 for half price decorative stand........

and then I pulled out my coupon! Good for an additional 15% off everything and discounted items included!

So my $140.00 umbrella and stand? $55.23 plus tax at 7.75% for a grand total of $59.51. I saved 62% off the regular price!

And she scores!!

I have a few ideas for my backyard, though nothing spectacular. I plan to put this umbrella through a hole I will create in my picnic table from Home Depot.....after reinforcing the table slats with cross bars from underneath. Since the table is very heavy, hopefully, we can avoid a repeat of the last umbrella incident when the Santa Ana winds come through! (Always lowering the umbrella when done with the table will go a long way toward preventing that mishap also!) The table is going to be repainted soon, so hopefully it will all go together nicely.

My next frugal trick? I'm going to take the grungy looking old white resin chairs, and use that special paint made to stick to resin.....maybe in a shade that coordinates with table color and umbrella. I'm not sure what color to pick.

With any luck, the chairs we bought about 10-12 years ago at Sams Club for 12.00 apiece will be rejuvenated for the cost of a half can of spray paint apiece! If it works, I will post pictures.

Color suggestions, anyone? Right now I'm leaning towards a boring Satin Almond.

Or maybe River Rock..... (still kind of boring, but safe....)


Jackie said...

Kaching!! Good job - now, is the umbrelly the same color as shown in the picture? With the redwood look of the picnic table, and a greenish umbrella, I would vote for the river rock...I like it. I think it will be less boring than the other one!! I bet it will all look super when you're done!

Joy said...

I'm contemplating painting the table the river rock color and the chairs the satin almond....what do you think of that with the deep lime green umbrella?

and of course, a nice quilted tablecloth with some lime green, river rock and almond in it...



(slaps face and says to herself, "get real!")

oh well....up until the quilted tablecloth, what do you think?

Karene said...

Well, I vote with Jackie....I like the River Rock....I definately don't like the almond...but that's just me! I think it would look much more like a set if the chairs matched the table. But, in addition to the quilted tablecloth, I think you need quilted chair pads....huh, huh !!!