Thursday, May 29, 2008


The Kitchen Kabinet Projekt from Hades continues. I stripped four of the doors a second time today, only to find they still were not free of finish.

After taking them into the shower to wash off the stripper and sludge, they still were sticky in places. Yuck. One more treatment should do the trick.

However, I did not sew one stitch.

I made it to my workout. And my walk. But not to my quilting room. Grrrrrrrrr!

Tomorrow is another day!

One quick note....
I sent an email to a few close friends joking about how sometimes men should "humor the little woman"....i.e., listen to us, because sometimes we do have a clue. Michael had asked me which stripping product to use on the front porch posts and after pointing it out, I offered unsolicited advice that perhaps he should reconsider his choice of a trashed plastic cookie tray to hold the stripping solution while he slathered it on. He chose to continue with that tray, and shortly afterwards, we had a good laugh over his shock at the speed with which his container of choice disintegrated.

One would think, truly, that SINCE I KNEW THAT COULD HAPPEN, I would have had better sense yesterday. But I didn't. And fair is fair....

As soon as I saw what my feeble brain had permitted me to do, I told Michael to grab the camera.....

I still do not believe I did that. I've been laughing about that ever since (when I'm not cursing and throwing tantrums about having to strip those four doors again tomorrow)!

1 comment:

Yvette said...

OK, you are following rule #1. No sewing unless chores and workout have been completed.

YAH YOU!!!! Now it is my turn to follow my own advice. LOL!