Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another party!!

Tonight Karen, TiJae and Carol celebrated their collective birthdays during the month of May by throwing a masquerade party! TiJae's mom works for the bishop at the Episcopal Church and she arranged for them to use the fellowship hall and the big kitchen, for the party. TiJae's brother's girlfriend Sam is quite a cook, and she did an awesome job making pasta dishes, bruschetta, salad, chicken and shrimp on skewers, a delicious soup, and veggies and dip and cupcakes and.....Yum! There was a lot of good food!

When we first arrived, we helped out in the kitchen a bit.....Washed a few dishes and got a chance to talk with Janet, TiJae's mom. Why is it I'm more comfortable in the kitchen than I am out in the main part of a party? Hmmmmm.....

Michael and I didn't wear a mask, but Michael did wear his FedEx hat....does that count?

We didn't feel too bad about being maskless; Laurie and Billy were there too, also without masks! (click on pix to enlarge)

Here they are sitting with the birthday girls themselves!

TiJae is still sporting "birthday hair" and has a fantastic little dress paired with some funky Doc Martin type boots that laced up - the look is so TiJae! That's the mask she worked on during the craft gathering at the quilt shop classroom last week! I love it! Karen is decked out in her favorite "greens".....a pretty green dress, a green cardi, green ballet slipper-type shoes, and her mask with the green feathers - it's just perfect for her. She used a lot of green eyeshadow and the look was very striking up close! Carol is in the beautiful Asian print. She made that outfit (she was working on it during our craft gathering) and my pictures don't do it justice! She paired it with beautiful tall boots with very pointy toes, in a deep aqua that perfectly set off the shimmery dress!

Mr. Patrick and his room mate Rich posed for me.....

The kids had done a great job with decorating. There were balloons tied to chairs, stars and sprinkly decorations scattered across the tables, noise makers which didn't work.......until Karen realized she had several stuck together......once separated, they turned out to be quite functional and loud! There was a fog making machine (compliments of Mr. Patrick, I believe)! We left before the karaoke machine was fired up, which was disappointing, cos I've never seen anyone do karaoke in real life, just on TV....but we're old we tottered on home to bed, leaving the kids to their fun.

Happy Birthday to all!

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Jackie said...

Awwww...I wanted to see a picture of you belting out a blues number! Looks like a great party - hope all the birthday kids have lots more happy days like that!! The costumes were great! Love, Jackie