Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Room Snaggers

Yay! Finally, some quilting content for De Blawg!

We snagged the room at Leah's quilt shop on Memorial Day! The usual cast of characters showed up....all with beautiful works in progress.

In addition to Karen's quilt being pinned and ready for machine quilting, some other ladies were pinning some really pretty quilts also.

I am really liking the "Winning Hand" pattern more and more, each time I see it in yet another color scheme. Karene made this pattern a long time ago and I loved hers. This one is just beautiful, too. I think I will "have" to make one in "my" colors.... ('scuze me while i add it to the list for....let's see....2012!)

TiJae and Janet came by also, and Janet's table runner is going to be so pretty. I completely forgot to take a picture of it....but it's coming right along. We have the room again on Father's Day, so hopefully they can join us again that day.

I worked on my Saturday Sampler block for this month, and I'm happy to report that I will get next month's block free, because I managed to finish this one on time! So far, I've finished each month in time to get the next one free! (Crossing fingers that it's a trend!)

Happy Memorial Day!

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Jackie said...

Your Saturday sampler block looks really complicated! Congrats on finishing so you could get the next one! I love that Winning Hand quilt; it's awfully nice! Ya'll are so lucky to have a place to gather, to work (really play) and fellowship! Keep up the great work!
Love, Jackie