Saturday, May 17, 2008

Frugal Friday After All (well, that is until we got to the Vet)

I went to the Ralphs last night to do some quick shopping....

Of note, the purchases that made Mr. B's eyes light up:

Manager's Special - less than half price - Ground beef for the grill. I would prefer a meat that was a little leaner, but, since most of the fat cooks away on a grill anyway, he's really been enjoying bunless hamburgers, grilled, with some steak sauce. I scored four packages of his "marked down" favorite, all with at least two-three days left before the "sell by" date, and they went straight into the freezer.

I scored another unexpected Manager's Special on this sausage.

Normally in the neighborhood of $3.00 or more per pound - again with three days left before the "sell by" date. These are residing in the freezer beside the ground beef. One is being used tonight in a recipe, so I've already browned it and drained it and set it aside to use.

I made Mr. B's connection for him, got him his fix......for his diet Coke addiction.


(He bought another ten yesterday!) I keep mentioning 12-step programs, but usually he just makes noise about intercepting my fat-quarter supply, and I shut up!

All but two things I purchased were on sale.....the shrimp for the salad tonight was not and the milk was not. The milk will become about 18-20 homemade yogurts, so that's a lot of frugal yogurts for about $4.00.

And I had a coupon for $5.00 off if your total expenditure was over $75.00. To insure that could be used, I stocked up on 10/$10.00 frozen veggies which I love, saving almost a dollar on each bag anyway, as they were on sale, and then being able to use that $5.00 coupon on my total at the end!

$92.62 spent. $44.58 saved. Yay!

I'm off to prepare for Karen's birthday party tonight. It's a Pasta Party. I'm making a green salad (romaine, various other veggies, slivered almonds, mandarin oranges and champagne flavored dressing). Then the pasta dishes: There will be a shrimp/salmon pasta salad and there will be mock chicken alfredo for the vegetarians, and a sausage/red sauce/pasta dish for the carnivores.

Oh, and poor Sadie is a cone-head again! We noticed a tiny pinkish spot on one paw that she kept trying to lick....we watched it for 24 hours, and sure enough, the pink area became a bit larger and she still seemed to want to lick it. She wasn't happy about us trying to touch it, so we went to the vet's......they know us all to well there! They were able to restrain her and do a better exam, and a thorough cleaning....maybe an insect sting or bite? No sign of splinter or thorn....yet.

So we have antibiotics, and a topical medication, and instructions to use the cone....

Poor baby!

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