Sunday, May 18, 2008

A few more party pix

Karen's BFF TiJae's birthday was actually the day of Karen's party, and TiJae was sporting "birthday hair"!! (we sang to both girls and they blew out Karen's candles together!)

Sadie and Jerry and Bella partied hardy! At one point, we caught this picture of Jerry and Sadie wanting to come inside.....(which was followed with wanting to go outside......and inside.......and......indecisive pooches!)

Laurie reassured Sadie that though they have Bella now too, she's still her Number One!

Michael and Bella and Jerry spent some quality time together.

Bella (who is still recovering from a kind of rough time with her spaying) found a comfy cool surface for her belly! Sadie does this too, in hot weather, and its so cute!

Someone snapped this picture of Laurie and I..... :)

All in all, a Great Party!

Happy Birthday Karen!


Karene said...

Ah...what a great party !!!! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! You all look like you had a wonderful time and everyone is so happy! I love it !!! I don't need to say "hope you had a good one" because it looks like you did.

Love ya
Auntie Karene

Jackie said...

Ya'll know how to party for sure!! Love all the happy faces - know you had a great happy birthday, Karen. We were wishing you happy birthday here, but we didn't do a cake.... Love you!