Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Goals for my day

1. Get my work done EARLY. DONE!

2. Resolutely ignore my sewing room calling me.....instead, focus on the Kitchen Kabinet Projekt from Hades and strip the island frame,

the two island drawers, and the four island doors,

click on pix to experience the horror! ;)

and then top coat the remaining six cabinet doors along the last wall of the kitchen by the fridge. DONE! (I had a near accident while putting something away upstairs, almost slipped and landed in the sewing my machine.....snicker!)

3. Fix Michael and myself a decent dinner. (Frugal Wednesday - An entire pound of turkey breast cutlets marked down by Manager Special to a dollar! With three days left before the sell-by date! Don't know what the logic was for that, but Michael scarfed four of them up, fast!!) DONE!

4. Do my workout. DONE!

5. Bonus! Take a walk! DONE!

Tomorrow I reward myself.....after getting my work done EARLY.....I sew! The next day....I top coat those miserable cabinets and the Kitchen Kabinet Projekt from Hades is DONE!

And then......I start my next home improvement project on the never-ending List of Things to Do to have a downstairs that is finished. Uncluttered. Clean. Lightly decorated. Serving as a backdrop for multitudes of seasonally appropriate quilted items that rotate in-and-out all year according to the calendar. (Yeah, dream on, Joy!)

Ahem. The next project is the
Staircase of Doom. But someday, I will have it done.


Yvette said...

I have a whole kitchen full of cabinets in need of a makeover. If you ever yearn to do it again please feel free to come over any time. :)

Joy said...

Not on your life....

I mean,

I don't EVEN think so.....

er, I mean,

I truly feel that you should have the satisfaction of gazing upon your cabinets, gleaming with the fresh lustre of the finish you put on them with your own hands.

Yes, that sounds better! But I'll come and help a bit and cheer you on!! :)

Jackie said...

My cabinets are showing their age, too, (twenty-two years) you think you might like to vacation in the foothills of SC?! :D