Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Times!

Happy Birthday Karene!!
Craig and his sister cooked up a 50th Birthday Party for her. I think we managed to surprise her at least a little bit!!

She got to visit and catch up with a friend she had not seen in a long, long time, and friends she doesn't get to see very often.

The "moms" were there....Karene's mom is above, and Craig's mom is below (center, sorry about the bad lighting!).

Erin and her husband cooked a fantastic dinner for us! There was a tender tri-tip roast, two kinds of salmon, several yummy salads, asparagas, and various dips with breads.....MMMMM-mmmmm-GOOD!

She had the most gorgeous cake I think I've ever seen. This is a real work of art and it's all "quilty" in honor of Karene's love of quilting! It tasted as scrumptious as it looks!

Craig teased her a bit and reminded us of the story of how they met.....and how she was jailbait when they first started dating..... :)

I couldn't stay for all the present-opening festivities, because we had to run back to our end of town for dog-sitting duties (little Betsy and Carlos had their legs crossed when we reached them!) but here Karene is opening her gift from her mom....who makes exquisite porcelain dolls that she paints, and finishes, even down to the eyelashes and tiniest details.... She made this clown doll for Karene.

And then she opened my gift..... in honor of attaining that 50 year milestone.... her first Red Hat for our Red Hat Society chapter, with a pin reflecting her position as Vice-Queen.....or as she loves to say, "Queen of Vice!"

And an unexpected treat! I got to meet Margie at the party! Karene passed Margie's name along to me several months ago, when I desparately needed more transcriptionists, and I have gotten to know her a bit by phone as we worked together. But tonight, I got to put a face with the voice! She's every bit as sweet and fun in person as she is on the phone! Here she is with her husband.

A great evening, with really wonderful people.....I had so much fun! (We missed Laurie and Billy, who had to stay home to take care of their poor Bella, their new furbaby, who was recovering from surgery yesterday and not far enough along to stay alone. But Bella should be doing better soon.) Here's one last pic of me, Karen and Karene.....

Happy Birthday, Karene!!

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Yvette said...

It looks like you all had a great time. I am so sorry I had to miss it. :(

That cake looks amazing!!!!

Joy said...

We missed you too!!

I'm glad we get to see you today!! We've invited a few newbie friends to the room in the hopes of spreading the "addiction!"


Karene said...

Thanks for everything, my friend !! I love the hat, but most of all I love you. As always, you documented the day well. The only thing to make it perfect would have been if Ms Yvette and Eva were there but all-in-all, it was a great party.

All my love,
The "Queen of Vice"

Jackie said...

What fun!! And what a cool cake - happy birthday, Karene!! I feel almost like I know you, too, all the way out here in SC!!

RHAM said...

Congrats on becoming one of us crazy ladies!