Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What Wuz I Thinkin'?

It was a pretty okay day! I ripped through my work, worked out, and did a lot of "stuff" like paying bills and making Michael some salisbury steak patties for dinner, and then I escaped upstairs.

While Sadie attempted to chew two bones at one time....

Kimi helped Michael recycle some newspapers..... (oops!)

(if you hear screams at 5:15AM tomorrow, you'll know she shredded something he really wanted to read.....)

And I worked on my Brick Road quilt.

I took a break to make Pioneer Woman's Asian salad..... and had a nice big helping for dinner....

And finished the quilting!

I celebrated with dessert: a small bowl of the Asian salad.... I love, love, love that stuff!

And then I contemplated the fact that with my stupendous lack of planning.... I now have a king sized quilt AND a twin sized quilt that need binding.

Binding is my least favorite part of quilting, even if done by machine.....


But hey, as soon as those are done, I can post them on the sidebar as completed, for January! And then I can move on to Milton's quilt, which I need to have done by February 15th....

Yep! I'm an over-dreamer!



Yvette said...

Yeah! I am so glad you were able to finish that quilt, I know it was on your list for January.

Jacque said...

Love that brick road!! I bet it looks great close up, too!! Congrats on finishing TWO projects for this month!! Way to go, sis!
Love ya!

Karene said...

Ok, I think you should keep one of the quilts to complete for February's requirement....then you are ahead of the game, my friend ! Needless to say, I don't have 12 projects to finish so I'm not even participating in that challenge.

Luv you