Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kimiko in the sewing room

I worked on Milton's squares tonight - I have only two more to go, so will get them done and then tomorrow night, Karen and I are going to quickly dustmop the swirling doghair out of the way on the living room floor (housekeeping is just not a priority for me this week!) and lay the blocks out. When we get them arranged the way we like them, I'll take a picture. Yahooo! I might get this one done on time!

Karen had help sewing tonight....

But Kimi eventually went back to her favorite hobby - shredding newspapers..... Sigh.



Yvette said...

Hey! Looks like you are going to get this quilt done on time.

Mindy used to shred newspapers, magazines, bills, etc..... Now she only shreds paper towels or napkins that get left behind. I think she thinks she can find a crumb or two in them. HA HA!

Karene said...

Now if you could only teach her to "cut" out the fabric instead of "shredding", you'd have it made!