Monday, January 05, 2009

Lap Dogs Part 1

It doesn't take a clinical psychologist to figure out that my hesitation around big dogs is due to an unfortunate event involving a raging German Shepard barking in my face (at eye level, slobbering madly) when I was about 7, walking to school one day.... Michael loves big dogs and for a lot of years, that's what we've had. I've not disliked them, but I've not been terribly close to them.... I've helped take care of them (but griped plenty about them being fur factories!)

I figured it was just my personal character flaw.

Then I met Sadie, Tuffboy (Jerry) and Kimi.... in that order. I really enjoy the little guys! Maybe that is because if they got contankerous, I could more easily manage them, and arguments between them are not the ferocious events that used to result in vet bills when Nikki and Tiger "argued"..... I could sit on these guys and end a squabble pretty effectively.... But I think its really because they are PERMANENTLY PUPPY-SIZED!



Yvette said...

I love them in all shapes and sizes. Preferably the non-shedding type.

Jacque said...

Yay for permanently puppy proportioned pooches!! I like that kind....other than that, I LOVE cats!!
But they shed, too....