Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Disappearing Nine-Patch and Coffee

Karen and I were successful in locating some "blues" fabric for Milton's quilt... I've been collecting black/white prints, which I have trimmed to 6 inch squares.

I've added this blue/black print to the mix.

It is the constant, in the center of each of my nine-patch squares.

Which I am cutting to make four smaller squares. These will be turned around and rejoined to make a bit of a pattern....

I don't have a picture of the pattern yet - I only have enough done for the first row - have four more rows to go... more pix later.

P.S. I played with my embroidery machine a bit last night. I have a number of on-sale teeshirts from Joann's and some Hane's Beefy Tees (LOVE those!) which I'm going to try to embellish. I figure, what could be more frugal than a $3.00 teeshirt embellished with something cute, perhaps with shorts sewn in a corresponding fabric?? (You can get blank teeshirts online, such as the Hane's Beefy Tees for dirt cheap!)

This teeshirt was decorated in honor of my high esteem for the Brown Elixir of Life.... without which I could not start my day (at least not without killing some poor unsuspecting soul before 9 AM).

Of course, we will not get into the lack of logic behind my "frugal" thinking.... My "frugal" goes completely to heck in a handbasket if you consider the cost of the embroidery machine.... or the thread collection I snared on Ebay! teehee! Michael thoughtfully refrained from bringing that up when he admired my first successful teeshirt last night! But I will be using it for more than just the tees, as I get more confidence with it! (It's high time - I've been sewing with it for over a year! I use the blanket/applique stitch for quilting. I'm just now starting to play with the embroidery option!)



Karene said...

Wow....you did a great job !!! Must be nice to play during the week and all...just kidding. I'm just jealous.

Luv ya

Yvette said...

What a BHH! Playing in the middle of the week. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I think everytime we embroider something it costs about $100.00 if you take into account the cost of the machine, thread, stabilizer, fabric, time. OK, maybe $200.00 an item. LOL!

Both look great!

Joy said...

Teehee! Yvette, I agree!

Well, my machine is not the "Cadillac" that you and Karene have, but still, that was a pretty pricey teeshirt when you look at it that way.

But HEY!! They get cheaper each time I made one, right? so THERE'S an excuse to spend more time in the sewing room!


Jacque said...

Hey, we play with fabric anytime we can, right?? :) I love your design, and the different colors you used...that is so cool! Where did the design come from, anyhow? That's really neat, sis!
Love ya,

Joy said...

I got the design for the teeshirt from emblibrary.com - love their stuff (when it's on sale!! or especially what they have in the 'free' section now and then!)

I am enjoying playing with my embroidery option of the sewing machine.... Michael was laughing cos it was stitching out the design behind me yesterday and I was piecing Milton's quilt with my old Pfaff (which I will NEVER part with!)

Good times! :)