Saturday, January 03, 2009

One Project a Month Challenge!

What a cool idea! I'm in! My first "finish" will be 440+ inches of the never-ending-binding for Michael's quilt (the Saturday Sampler I've been working on)..... And I plan to do it by machine anyway, so no excuses for not finishing it!

I will have to go through my projects and organize/list them.... This will be fun!



Jacque said...

What a great idea! Just the motivation we need to get to work on our projects!

Yvette said...


I really think this is what I needed too!

May Britt said...

Have to answer you this way as you came up with noreply in my mail Please check your profile to see if you can allow your email to show.
I have added you to the list. Please add the badge to your sidebar and make a monthly list of finished projects under it.

Good luck on your finishes.