Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Date with Emma

I got done with my work yesteray......made it to five o'clock on a Friday.... And retreated to my sewing room. I just needed to escape from everything, and so I did.

I had been eyeing the Bunny Hill A Tisket A Tasket BOM for a few weeks. I happened to see the January instructions on my table when I walked into my sewing room. Just for grins, I looked at my scraps and considered what fabrics I'd use, if, you know, I were actually going to make it.

That's all it took!

Emma (my Janome embroidery/sewing machine - don't snicker, I know that's not very original!) had "issues" with the metallic thread I chose for the edge of the snowman, and in retrospect, I'm glad I didn't opt for the same touch of glitter for the edges of the star. I will be looking for smallish buttons. The pattern shows a heart button and two round buttons... I will see what I can find at Joann's later. Wouldn't little light blue star buttons be cute?



Jacque said...

Joy, that is wonderful!! Perfect fabric choices - and I love your stitching!! (Opted for a close up to really check it out!!) You do awesome work, sis! When I grow up I wanna be just like YOU!!
Love ya,

Joy said...

I can't take the credit for the stitching! That was Emma's applique stitch!

I have a lot of room for improvement with my use of the blanket stitch/applique stitch, but I'm loving the learning process!

Love you too!!

Yvette said...

You beat me on this one! I have it prepped and ready to hand sew.

You and Emma did a fantastic job!

Karene said...

I think you are hooked on applique, my friend !!! Great job!

Joy said...

I'm starting to eye things around the house and consider what I can applique on them......

A cover for Big Red? (Michael's big kitchen mixer!)

Toilet seat covers?

I swear, it's too much fun!



Roslyn Atwood said...

Just returned from the Tucson Quilt Show, talk about buttons, buttons everywhere, on quilts & in the vendor booths, very hard to resist,Joy.
I am thinking I will use D9P for the baby quilt for my niece-I have wanted to try one & it looks as if you are having fun with yours. Yes,YBR is wicked easy & fast!

Lou said...

Your handiwork is beautiful, and I can see what joy you take in it!

I noticed you are a medical transciptionist. The docs & hospital I work for have gone to EMR. I was wondering how your business has been affected (if I'm not being too personal).

Joy said...

Hi Lou! you're not being too personal at all! There has been an impact from some clients' decisions to off-shore the work (for instance, to send their dictation to India), and some impact from EMR. In one case, an ortho group of ten doctors has us transcribe as usual and THEY handle the uploading of the work to their EMR, and also the sending out of any consultation letters! It's our biggest account and we really love them! Another impact has been the voice-recognition capability.... But often a doctor will try that, and then realize the editing he has to do is too time consuming for him, and we have had a couple of docs return to us after an experiment with that! Right now, the economy is a big impact also. I was unable to give any work to my two "prn" transcriptionists in December because it was so slow! But things seem to be picking up now, and we're all grateful and working hard!!


Lou said...

Good to hear! I work for a group of ortho docs, suburban Detroit. They tried India, it didn't work out;)

We just got EMR two months ago. There is still a lot of swearing! They didn't know what a learning curve it would be. They don't transcribe much anymore. I'm glad to hear you still have work, and I do think that kind of service will have a place for many years to come.