Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My February block

I had not done my homework when we got together Sunday morning to work on our February block from "Home is Where the Heart Is".... I still needed to trace all my pieces onto the Steam-A-Seam! I basically just kicked back and relaxed and enjoyed the time with Karene and Yvette and especially our guest of honor, Ellen!

I could not for the life of me get the shingle materal to look as good on my block as it did for Karene! I eventually gave up and chose a new roof!

Here's my block, with all the fusing, stitching, and borders done. Honeymoon Cottage!

A slightly closer view...

Close up of the cat and dog..... they are pretty darned cute!

I simply could not handle the last part tonight. This block has Sew Many small curved pieces.... I need to wait til tomorrow to tackle the top band, which will have five hearts and ten little curved leaves! I know, I am a wuss....

I have next month's block instructions out, and hopefully, I will get my homework done this month!



Yvette said...

YOU BHH!!!! How in the heck did you do that so fast??? I barely had time to fuse my pieces to the block. Sheeeeesh! Must be nice! LOL!!!

Your block is ADORABLE!!!! I just love it!!!!

Thank you for having us over to thrash your house again.

Karene said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!! You not only got yours fused, YOU GOT YOUR'S BLANKET STITCHED TOO !!! Nice job !!! Looks gorgeous too !

Jacque said...

OOHHHH! I love your block - it's the mostest! Your cat and doggie are cute, and the lil house is adorable....awesome stitching, too!
Good work, sis!

Jackie Davis said...

I just want to squeeze the cat and dog, they are so darn cute!!! you are right! I love that binder you have, off to look online for this. Great work!!