Friday, October 08, 2010

Seeing double...

With our usual sense of good timing, Karen and I waited until the last minute to get our Saturday Sampler block for this month done. Tiger joined us in the sewing room and played her part as our "studio cat".

She is most content lying between our chairs, while we talk and listen to music, with our machines humming.... occasionally muttering to ourselves when the blocks or the machines aren't cooperating.

She eventually wakes up covered with bits of cloth. :)

Here are our blocks, #9 in the series, for Saturday Sampler at the Orange Quilt Bee. I am so loving this quilt. This one is going to stay here at Chez Bury! Mine, mine, mine. :)

And after that one, I went backwards a month to finish the block I missed while I was in Wyoming last month.

Here's #8. Now, I'm caught up on big blocks. I have 6 mini blocks to make up and I'll be right on time. I want to start setting the blocks into the setting triangles too, so that all of that is not left until the end.

I pick up a new block tomorrow morning. :)


Yvette said...


The blocks look great! Have fun at the OQB today.

Jacque said...

Really NICE blocks! Love the picture of you and Karen!
Happy quilting!