Saturday, October 23, 2010

Much better....

Not a single hair was harmed in the making of these four blocks!

It was a productive evening in the sewing room, although the place was a bit trashed after I was done.

Block B10, four half-square triangles and you're done!

Block C1, which I think is called Contrary Husband.

Block C2, the name of which had something to do with a Wedding Ring, so I used the gold for the ring.

And block C3. The name escapes me, and the book is upstairs and I'm downstairs. And lazy. It could be called Easy Peasy!

Again, I am quitting while I'm ahead. C4 is a little more difficult, but not really hard, I don't think. I'll tackle that one later!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Ms. Ellen's for work on my Web Sampler blocks, or perhaps my Saturday Sampler... Yay for a QUILTY WEEKEND!!


Yvette said...

YAY! You are sneaky!! I didn't think you were working on SBS this weekend. They all look great.

Give hugs to all my quilting buddies today. Think of my at home doing chores. :(

Joy said...

Karen went to see a movie with TiJae and Sam(antha), so I decided to save my errands for another night and use the time for Sylvias!

Jacque said...

Those blocks are looking good...I'll have to go to OleFrogEyes and see how they look with the others.
That is going to be one BEAUTIFUL quilt when you finish!!