Saturday, October 09, 2010

Meow! Finished!

Karen took off for parts unknown tonight to see a movie with a friend, so it was just me in the sewing room. I tackled the rest of the kitty quilting and then bound it. Here's a pic of the whole quilt, or as much as I could get in the camera from my perch on the stairs.

The pink binding really set it off!

Look at Karene's little fussy cut corners! Cute!!

And here is the backing that I chose from Ms. Ellen's stash contributions!!

Is that a perfect match for the purples and the overall flavor of the quilt?! I think so! Love it!

Went to the Orange Quilt Bee to get my next block this morning..... dangerous territory. I saw several things I'd just LOVE to make!

This black, white and red quilt has everything! Pretty blocks, the Sunbonnet kids, and even a touch of embroidery, I think!

This is a chicken pattern that was free for the taking! I can't wait to make a few of these!

Karen spied two quilts that use the pattern that she got a kit for at Long Beach. She fell big time, for that quilt, and when she stood up again, she was clutching the quilt kit in one hand and her charge card in the other. She hopes to start it after this semester is done... mid December!

This one is intriguing! I don't know why it appeals to me, but I love it. I think it's the way the flower petals and background reverse on each bloom.

This picture is horrible, but the quilt is gorgeous. Karen sees things very spacially (spaceally? where is spell check on this blog?!). Anyway, she took one quick glance and announced that they had taken a square, cut it up, and used various pieces throughout the quilt. And that they had done that 20 times. She then turned over the pattern, and sure enough, it calls for 20 fat quarters to do the 20 blocks and the applique! I love the combination of the blocks and the applique. I finally tore myself away and we went home. Without the pattern. Because I remembered that if I buy one more thing, my sewing room is going to explode.

This is a picture of the great wheatgrass experiment. Supposedly drinking the juice of this stuff lowers blood pressure and helps stabilize blood sugar, and does a host of other good things. I decided to try growing it.... Tomorrow, we will try making a bit of the juice and we'll see how it goes. If I start mooing at night, instead of snoring.... I may have to rethink the whole thing! (apparently you only have to drink a small shot of it daily to reap all the rewards healthwise......)

And yes, that is an eyeball sitting in the flower pot with the aloe vera plant.

And yes, my windows need washed. Moving on!

You want weirder? I can do weirder! I am growing alfalfa sprouts in my pantry!

I made Morning Glory Muffins ( and stashed some for breakfasts next week and froze some for later on. I hear these can make a morning commute a more peaceful experience. I'll report back on that after Karen grabs one Monday morning on her way out the door. Somewhat healthy, with whole wheat, coconut, shredded carrot, nuts, etc.

And just to keep Michael from thinking I've gone off the deep end, what with the moo grass.... I mean wheat grass, and the healthy muffins, I made some Brownie Cookies for him to munch on this weekend. Got the recipe (and the muffin one) from
MennoniteGirlsCanCook website. He pronounced them a hit when he got home from the Land of Lost Packages today.

That's all! (moo!)


Yvette said...

Where do you find time to do all this homemaking? Your Wheatgrass looks beautiful. Maybe you should go to Jamba Juice and watch them make it to make sure you are doing it right. ????? Can I have a drink once you are???

That kitty quilt is ADORABLE!!!! That will make some child so happy.

Joy said...

Luckily (?!), I have a former Jamba Juice employee available for consultation! HeeHee!

Karene said...

Whoa Hoa....a beautiful finish to the Kitty Quilt !!! I knew the pink binding would tie it all together and bring people's eye in from the outside or from the inside out. The backing is PURRR-FECT !!! I agree with Yvette....where do you find the time to make all that great food??? But, then again, where does Yvette find all that time to sew too.....LOL !!!

Jacque said...

YUMMY!! Both the food and the quilts! I will have to go to that site, and then start playing with the ingredients....lo carb alternatives, maybe?!
So glad you did not bring home one more item and make the sewing room explode....don't know where you would have landed?! LOL