Monday, October 18, 2010

Productive Couple of Days - Woot!

The weekend was full of work for me, both the typing kind, and the household kind. But, in between cleaning, typing and errands, Yvette and I carved out a few hours on Sunday to make a new purse pattern. You can see hers here.

Here's mine....

And if I get tired of so much of the green?

Well, there's this side. It's reversible!

I love this one. The only change I would make is I would add a magnetic closure next time for both the purse body, and the pockets. :)

These purses are addictive. And who can't use another way to use her stash??!!

Because I typed my heart out this weekend (til one in the morning, today!), I had a wide open afternoon. I was bound and determined to get my Irish Chain finished, and get the box (waiting by the door to be shipped to Dad and Mom) taped shut, labeled and over to FedEx!

I was going to cross hatch, but, this is almost a double sized quilt, and by the time I had finished the rows slanting in one direction, it dawned on me that it was quilted every 3 inches. And that is ENOUGH! Yahoo! Done!

I had some problems with the fabric sort of "chevronning" as I stitched first one direction, then the other. I was trying to reduce the amount of torque I'd be putting on it, as I sewed those rows. I used my walking foot, but still got a bit of creepage that resulted in the faint chevronning. Sigh. Hopefully after it washes and is used a bit, it won't be noticable.

I bound it, and it is spinning in the dryer right now... The box of quilts (six, I think?) will be in Wyoming by Friday!!

I'm looking forward to catching up on some BOM's next. I'm only about a month or so behind myself and I want to get current!

Our Ms. Ellen is flinging open the door to her house on Saturday, and I'm hoping to see her, Jenny, and Karene (looks like Yvett can't make it, and Karen has a class, *pout*). Anyway, it will be good to start working on some blocks (and hear what's happening with everyone!). It's been way too long, my friends!


Yvette said...

I think the quilt looks great! Once it is on a bed your won't notice any imperfections.

Jacque said...

Beautiful Irish chain! I sure don't think anyone will notice anything except how pretty it is!
Love the reversible bag! I'll have to look for that pattern, or draw it up myself if I get impatient! :)

Karene said...

I remember when you started this one ! Happy to see the final result ! Never would have noticed the "cheveroning".