Monday, October 11, 2010

First shot of wheat grass!

Not bad at all!

It was easy to assemble (even having to take time to read a few directions this first time!).

It works just like the extruder I used to use to make my homemade tomato sauces. The spent grass is extruded on one side..... and that is a very dry grass "rope"! This thing really gets the liquid out!

The juice collects here.

Tastes like a salad.... only.... in the words of Mr. Patrick, "Where's the Ranch?"

I think seven little flats like this would give us enough for two or three people to have a shot a day. (And that would be enough, given that Mr. B would sooner swallow a razor blade than anything dark green!) Soon as we finish a flat, we should start a new one. Takes mere seconds to put seeds in a bowl to soak. Takes maybe two minutes to fill the flat with dirt, sprinkle soaked seeds on, and top with a bit more dirt. Watering daily is obviously not going to eat up much time. We'll see. The Great Wheatgrass Experiment will continue.

There are a ton of things this is supposed to do for you. The ones that interest me the most are stabilizing blood sugar and lowering blood pressure. Again, we'll see. There is a LOT of research information out there supporting a lot of claims. There are a few naysayers. My own blood sugar levels and blood pressure readings will be as much of a deciding factor to me as the research done by other institutions.

Oh, and I expect to be leaping tall buildings by noon! :)


Jacque said...

Cool! I am willing to try anything that will keep DH's sugar in line, and keep him off the meds. Let me know how it goes!
Oh, and you didn't tell us how it tasted!! :)

Joy said...

Sorry! I should have been clearer. It tasted like a salad with no dressing. Like, naked spinach? Especially if you don't smell it as you drink. It smells like newly cut grass. I found out years ago, when Laurie worked for Jamba Juice and made this stuff all the time, that if you smell it while you drink it, for some reason your brain thinks it tastes more grassy. If you just take a breath, tip it back and chug it (about 2-3 tablespoons is what she used to tell me was a shot), it's no biggie! Karen chases hers with a slice of orange. That's off limits for me and Tim, but I had my peanut butter flaxseed oatmeal shortly afterwards. Some people say they "burp grass" later. I didn't have that issue four years ago, but will let you know how it goes now.

Before investing in the wheat grasser (cheapest on Amazon with no sales tax, no shipping!), and the seeds (I'm searching for sprouting seeds locally but may have to resort to buying more online), I would suggest going to a juice place, like a Jamba Juice, and having Tim try a shot. He could just eat something "legal" afterwards if the taste bothers him, but that would also let him see if he has "burping grass" issues, etc, before any investment is made. If he tries it twice and has no negative feelings about it, it might be worth it for him! The shots are a dollar or more, in a juice shop. The seeds, online, are 7.99 for 5 pounds, on average, and shipping doubles it. But since you only use at most 2 tablespoons of seed a day, it will last and still come out WAY cheaper than a juice shop. A few pennies a day!

Laurie is tremendously excited about this. It will be one of the things she can do to help out around here when she gets back!


Jacque said...

Ah! Makes sense now...I was thinking, is it like iceberg lettuce, or maybe bitter, like arugula? I'll see if I can find anywhere around that he can try it! :)