Thursday, October 21, 2010

B7, B8 and B9

After fixing a pair of drapes for a friend..... (I took one pleated, lined panel of heavy suede-like fabric and made two panels out of it... they were very loooooooooooooooong drapes!), I decided to tackle a few Sylvia blocks.

B7 was not all that difficult, but for some reason, I got kind of wonky results.

But B8 redefined difficult. Challenging. That scream you heard last night, in the distance? That was me. B8 kicked my butt around the sewing room. It's getting to be a habit, coming away from a Sylvia session covered with bruises.

I have only a few hairs left on my head. And they are gray. The name of this block is "Mrs. Cleveland's Choice."

I would like to respectfully suggest that Mrs. Cleveland get her head examined. Or maybe I should. Sigh!

The next block obviously was designed to stress as few of my remaining nerve endings as possible. B9 was a simple Irish Chain.

Whew. I'm going to bed while I'm ahead!



Yvette said...

Joy! They are all so beautiful!!!! You will want to do Mrs. Cleveland's Choice again once you get a load of D-1. LOL! Just think, we will be the best piecers in town once we are done with this quilt. Farmer's Wife will be a piece of cake.

Jacque said...

Gorgeous! You may be bruised and battered by how hard the blocks were, but they are just awesome!
Great work, sis!
Looking forward to seeing your results after sewing at Ellen's!