Wednesday, June 30, 2010


  • I am Le Tired. But I have things I want to post. I thought bullets might be a fun way to be brief.

  • I finished quilting my black floral. Drumroll!!

  • And then I bound it.

  • I am not fond of loop-de-loops for quilting. I think I prefer/am better at meandering.

  • My sister is a Star! Look at the two quilt tops she sent me this week, to be quilted for the crisis centers in Wyoming. They are right out of the box and not ironed - but I was so excited I just wanted to take pix and get them on the blog. Thank you Sew Much, Jacque!!

  • We are trying to make decisions about redoing our kitchen. Almost 17 years later, my microwave, when it is in the mood to work, is opened and shut with a duct tape handle. My oven is 25-50 degrees off.... in either direction.... My sink has buckets under it that I empty daily. My spigot is wrapped with a terry towel, because otherwise, the person doing dishes (that would be me, usually!) gets a shower from the leak in the joint of the spigot! In other words, it's time! And did I mention I HATE 4 inch white tile counter tops? Because they are broken, and there is not a grout cleaner on the planet that will truely clean grout. I know this. I've bought them all.

  • I met my New Love at an appliance store. I love it. I plan to marry it. We will live happily ever after, eventually. First, we have to take our built-in oven out, and remove the cooktop directly over it. Then, we will (after some minor demolition) have an appropriate hole to slide the Magnificence That Is My New Oven, into its new home. I can't wait. Feast your eyes on this puppy and tell me he doesn't scream "I. Can. Cook. Seriously."

  • I am taking a short break from Crisis Quilts and catching up on some BOMs and perhaps even a Sylvia block or two. :) Then I have FOUR twins to quilt! Yahooo! The Red Hot Sew'n Sews are rocking this project!

  • The end.

Gotta work on that bullet thing. I think centering the pix might have made it look more like I had a clue what I was doing....


Yvette said...

I think you did a fantastic job quilting!!! Just think of what we will be able to do one day. {wink}

I can't wait for you to get your dream kitchen!!! Hopefully before the "great cookie adventure 2010" begins.

Jacque said...

I love the loop-de-loops! That looks so great! And what a still my heart! That will make cooking fun again!