Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little bit of this....and that....

First off, a big drum roll for Dad! His "Thunderbolt" crib quilt is quilted, and bound!

Don't you just love it?

Whoo hooo!!!

There are FIVE quilts going up this week to Wyoming. A double, and three cribs! I have four twins to quilt next, and I have set up the Handyquilter frame and got Plain Jane (my Janome 1600) all oiled and ready.... I have an entire bolt of batting waiting in the wings. Let the quilting begin!

This morning was Saturday Sampler.... I saw Janet "Sensai" busily blowing up balloons to help celebrate the one year anniversary sale at the Bee. I can't wait til the embroidery class Karene and I are taking from Janet next Friday!

While we were at the Orange Quilt Bee, before we looked at this month's Saturday Sampler block:

Gretchen had a quick "show 'n tell". I wasn't expecting it, and missed getting a picture of the first BEAUTIFUL quilt that was shown. :(

But here is one Gretchen showed us. She wanted to learn how to successfully make the star around the border of this one.... I'd say she nailed it. Sew Pretty! And look a the rest of it - awesome!

And another lady had this to show...

I have no idea of the pattern name, just know that I love it!

And one more lady had some mini's to share.

These are only 1 and 7/8 inch square!!! I thought my 5-inch squares for the Saturday Sampler, and Yvette's "Nearly Insane" blocks were tiny.... These redefine "tiny!" They are so cute! She said each one takes about two hours!

I got a few things done tonight in the sewing room. Little by little, I'm clearing out a few small projects.... such as a pillow case for my "son from another mother", Patrick (the dragon one), and two for a certain someone around this house that is a huge Superman fan (shhhh! he can't have them til Father's Day!).

And I did another batch of squares for that Nine-Patch-Project!

Here's a peek in my 9-patch drawer! Some of these will look familiar to Ms. Ellen because they are from her stash! Thanks Ellen!

Tomorrow I'm headed to Ms. Ellen's for a quilting bee.... I'm going to try to get my Saturday Sampler block for this month and also my Web Sampler block for this month finished. And then I will focus completely on quilting those twins this week!

Happy stitching!


Yvette said...

Yay for dad! I'll bet he can't wait to see that quilt top. He did such a great job on it.

I am so glad I didn't do the Sat. Sampler this year. You know how I want to make everything I see and love. I would be doomed.

Those 1 7/8" blocks aren't insane, they are downright CRAZY! My patience level would truly be tested.

Joy said...

I know what you mean! I want to ask Gretchen if that pattern is available - I think it would be great for using my Civil Wars.

Along with the Web Sampler, and the C.W. Tribute (I and now II!!) and, and....

Wait. I might need more Civil Wars fats...

Yes. I see your point. But I still want the pattern!

Doomed, indeed. And what a way to go!