Sunday, June 06, 2010

That Nine-Patch Project

Yep, I started that one too! It just makes sense. I have so many scraps and some of them are just begging to be used together in another quilt!

Here's today's block (of which I made eight, four each of mirror images).

One a day! This is doable!! In August, I believe, there will be pattern suggestions for finishing a quilt with our stacks of 9-patches.

(And take a look at the
tutorial about making two-for-one 9-patches from large squares! Pretty efficient!! Right now, I'm working with left-over strips, so I'm doing it more traditionally, but I think the tutorial shows a method that would really save time!! I will try that also!)

I'm all wound down! G'nite all!


Yvette said...

Great 9-patches!

How about doing disappearing 9-patches when we are done? Is that possible???

Jacque said...

Thanks for sending the link for the tutorial...I think I want to start that, too. But then, I want to start all of the projects. And I want to retire and sew. Sigh.

I hope to do some of those nine patches when my sewing area is settled wherever it ends up!!

Karene said...

Wow, nice ! Are you and Yvette doing this project together? I don't remember hearing about this one from you.

Joy said...

Disappearing 9-patches are certainly possible, Yvette - but I think I would have started with larger 9 patches? I'm making one for the crisis centers that will be 10 inch squares made into 9 patches, so the biggest squares when I'm done will be less than 5 inches... I don't think I want to go much smaller, at least not for a quick quilt....

Jacque - yes. Retire and Sew. YES! I think I better start playing the lotto...

Karene - Yvette found this one - isn't it great! A small batch to do each week (my method) or every day do one, or whatever works! At the end, I should have enough to make another quilt - I'm thinking about putting them on point.