Thursday, July 01, 2010

What have I done?

I was determined to get A4 out of the way tonight.

And I did.

Only it took almost until tomorrow! Sheesh! I'm minus a few gray hairs, and thinking I might want to go ahead and make a reservation at the Funny Farm for the not too distant future! Some of these blocks are going to kick my butt around the sewing room! I'm not very good at blanket stitching teentsy pieces, but, it's done. Done is Good.

The next block looks easier!

And Chicken with a Flower is looking good on a tea towel! Christmas present stitching has begun!

Let the Weekend Begin!


Yvette said...

Yay!!!! A-4 looks fantastic!! We are going to do this and learn new tricks along the way.

Towel looks incredible. Can we have an embroidery party?

Joy said...

If my embroidery machine wasn't so heavy, that would be fun! Nearly killed me getting it to Janet's class. But still, we should ponder that!

Karene said...

WOW !!! Very cool block ! I second the embroidery party. You guys are way, way, far beyond me. Teach me PLEASE !!!

Jacque said...

A-4 leaves me speechless - you are so talented! Love the cute chicken towels, too. They look so good I would be hesitant to use them!!