Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saturday Sampler and more...

At Ellen's house on Sunday, Ellen and I worked on our Saturday Sampler blocks.
Ta Dah!!!!

Yvette worked on her Sylvia's Bridal and she's definitely picking up speed! She zipped on by a few that we need to ponder and think on and she whipped out three blocks before she had to go home... And Jenny worked on a gorgeous chocolate brown and teal quilt... I am loving it - and I should have gotten a picture!

On Monday or Tuesday, I don't know which.... this week is a blur... I finally got around to making
Pioneer-Woman's Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies, which Michael was really hinting that he hoped we'd try. If you read the recipe post about them, they eventually turn into chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles.

My ingredients.....

My mess as Karen and I attempted to assemble them.

One of the wrapped frozen ice cream sandwiches.... Pioneer Woman's turned out prettier, but mine were pronounced a success by The Peanut Gallery!

And tonight I really lit into that first twin quilt.... First I quilted the center pink and blue portion on the short arm frame.... Here's a shot of it hanging off the frame after it was done.

Then I decided to try an experiment and I traced a quilting design onto paper and darkened the lines with a sharpie. This I slipped under the setting triangles all around the quilted portion of the quilt.

I traced the pattern on the quilt top with a water soluble marker.

And then stitched it. I have extremely wonky quilting, because I need lots of P3 (practice, practice, practice) in free motion quilting, but I kind of like it! Here's a view from the back.

I plan to just straight stitch two lines around the outer border of the quilt, about 2 inches apart, and these will overlap in all four corners. After that, it will be bound and boxed up for the Crisis Center. Yay!


Yvette said...

Hey now!!! That came out fantastic!!!!

I need to try using one of those markers this weekend when I attempt to quilt my Angel quilt.

Jacque said...

YAY!!! That is super! I love your "wonky" free motion quilting; you are doing great!
(By the way, I bet Carbalose would do really well on those cookies....with sugarfree chips, too!) I'm headed to the kitchen!

Yvette said...

I came back to say how much I really love your Sat. Sampler blocks. Makes me wish I joined in on the fun.

Yvette said...
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Karene said...

OMG !!! You did a FANTASTIC job on that quilt !!! Whoa hoa ! You rock, my friend