Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nope, I didn't fall off the edge of the earth

I know. Don't faint. I'm sure it's a shock and all... but I'm actually posting something(s)...

I've been insanely busy, working too much, and tired. I think there's a connection there somewhere, but anyway...

I work weekends now. (I work during the week, also, but the real grind is on the weekend). So my time off falls on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sort of... sometimes a bit on Wednesday... Mondays are still H-E-DoubleHockeyStick days... Fridays are weird. The pace changes, and instead of being able to crash, I'm gearing up to staple my pants to the floor and type, type, type Saturday and Sunday.

But I'll stop whining now, and focus on being grateful that I have that weekend opportunity. It infuses a nice chunk of change into the Commonwealth of Bury.... Just brings me a little closer to what life was like, financially, before some of my accounts headed south, in this crappy economy.

And speaking of economy and frugality - Here's my idea of a light box. I'm sure someone else probably thought of this a long time ago, but I am kind of tickled with it. It was time to make this month's tracings for our Home Is Where The Heart Is block... and my elderly eyes appreciated this.

First, stick a lamp with a flexible neck (have I mentioned I Love Ikea?) under my dining room table.

Crank the neck up and point the light straight up.

Yank open the table and take out a leaf. Lay a piece of plexi-glass over the leafless portion of the table. This is a piece of plexi-glass that used to protect a daughter's dresser surface in a former life. More recently, it serves as a cover on our island for Michael to roll out Christmas cookies. We have that horrid white tile that used to have white grout and that isn't conducive to rolling out cookie dough unless you want it to wear the imprint of the tiles.... So it's his cookie sheet in December. Works like a charm!

But it makes a $weet $uper-frugal light box for me!

And here is my fused, but not yet blanket-stitched, block for June!

Must finish my bells, put border on block, and put band of bells on top.... I'm giving some thought to making these blocks into pillow covers. I could have one pillow, that I change the cover on each month? Seems like a good idea to me.... Will ponder that some more.



Jacque said...

Well, I WAS beginning to wonder....(teehee! Just kidding, sis!) Wonderful to check and find new posts on your busyness! TOTALLY ingenious light box - I love it! And your block looks awesome!! Great work! Love you,

Yvette said...

Love your block!

I decided to make all of mine into wall hangings. :) Now I am happy about doing this quilt again. I was starting to have a hate relationship with it.

Karene said...

YAY !!!! Great idea on the light box. You are so smart ! Great block too !!!