Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another one of those random catch up posts...

Not much is happening at Chez Bury right now. We just wound up week-long sits for two sets of dogs, one of which included this handsome fellow:

Too cute!

Karen and I visited the Farmer's Market in Fullerton last Thursday.

The strawberries lasted only three days. Way too yummy! We're still working on the rest.

I've gotten several batches of green beans and yellow squash from my garden. And just for giggles, since Michael won't eat anything green, I made him up the better part of a 20 pound bag of potatoes, into Twice Baked Potatoes, and froze them for him to use at will. The remainder of the bag I think I'll make into two scalloped potato casseroles to freeze.

See this is exciting stuff, right? I'm sure you are riveted to your chairs.

However, if you came for Quilting content.... here's a bit! I snagged these fat quarters with a gift certificate I'd been saving!

Karene and I are taking a class Friday night that will use them... I was delighted to get them home and find that the fat quarters (triangles) matched two yards of fabric she had given me some time ago that I had been saving for the perfect project. With any luck at all, I'll have an oh-sew-cute accessory completed at the end of class, so will try to blog it this weekend. (The class is being taught by our Teacher Extraordinairre, Janet at the Orange Quilt Bee. Janet has a new nickname in our family, coined by Karen when she was asking her advice on a quilting project recently.... she is now Janet Sensai!!)

Since I work a lot on weekends now, I try to take a little time mid week to do something I enjoy. I have been collecting some cactus and other succulent plants to put in my kitchen window. (Cacti and succulents don't need much attention other than weekly watering and lots of light - there is the outside chance I will not kill them!) While trying to decide what sort of pots to use, I decided to make my own. I got some basic terra cotta pots at WallyWorld for $1.25 (and the matching coasters for another $1.25).

First I sealed one. Then I base coated it in light blue....

and then painted a design on it that I copied from a quilt design. Hopefully, since I don't plan to sell it, this is not a "no no"!

I have another one coated and painted with a different design, but its too dark and breezy tonight to spray it with the final clear coat outside, so will do that tomorrow and post it then!


Yvette said...

Jeez! What can't you do?

You can cook, garden, sew, paint. least I can do 25% of that. :)

catfish said...

You are amazing!!! I love what you did with the pots - what kind of paint did you use??

Jacque said...

The bumblebee pot is so cute! And what are you making at class? A tote bag, or something else fat-quarter-friendly? Enjoy your midweek relaxin!

Karene said...

Jeez, miss reading your blog for one day and I missed a lot !!! Nice pots ! I'm sure we'll be calling you Joy Sensai in the near future.