Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A new project

I really need a new project, don't you think? I only have about 30 UFOs in my sewing room. But hey, every now and then something comes along (just like all 30 of those UFOs did!) and you just HAVE TO.

It's all Yvette's fault anyway. She's the one that sent me the link to a picture of this quilt.....

It's called "Ode to the 30's." Sigh. Yvette and I decided to do it Block(s) of the month style.... working on it slowly, from our 30's stashes. Karene is contemplating joining us, but last I heard, she is torn between doing it in 30's or picking entirely different fabrics... We'll work on her.... I bet she'll make one too!

Anyway, I looked at my 30's stash, which wasn't really huge. Then I made the mistake of looking on ebay to see if anyone had any good 30's bundles for sale.

At one point, I found a set I really liked.... and then, we must have had one of those earthquakes we are so famous for. I swear, I fell right out of my chair at my desk and when I pulled myself up off the floor, I found I was clutching the mouse and my fingers must have just happened to click the "Buy-it-now" key...... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

This box came in the mail three days later.

Eighty gorgeous 1930's reproduction fat quarters. I will get several quilts out of this stack!! Yvette picked up some solids and she has some 30's stash too, so we're going to pool resources and we are Sew Ready!!

Come on, Karene, you know you want to!!


Jacque said...

Oh my...oh my goodness....(wiping keyboard) I am drooling over all that 30's print yumminess!! That is an awesome stack of fat quarters, girl! You will have fun playing with those!
I wonder if next time I see something on ebay, I can use the earthquake excuse? Do you think they'd believe me? :)

Yvette said...

I am still on a high from touching and smelling that stack of fabrics.

Wait till I show you the 2 other patterns I have for 30's fabrics.

Karene said...

Ha, ha, ha....why didn't that earthquake happen here???? I'm only 7 miles away !!! I'm sure it won't take too much pressure to get me to make it either !!! Love this picture of the 30's quilt much better than the other one we saw. Nice ! And, Yvette....oh my goodness, TWO MORE PATTERNS ????? YIKES !