Friday, May 15, 2009

How does my garden grow?

The efforts I've made with this garden just might be paying off! I took a walk up on the slope this evening with Karen and look at what there is to see:

And the other direction:

And here's some fun pix:

If you embiggen the picture, you can see the bean vine has reached out and wrapped itself around the pole. These were supposed to be bush beans (pole beans were planted in another area) but whoops! I mixed up a few!

Baby beans!

And look at this baby squash! It's about an inch long! Won't be long before that one's in the pan!

This one is a mystery.... It may be a watermelon. I have some plants that got separated from their labels while they were seedlings.... Its going to be fun seeing what shows up!

Today I added some honey dew melons, cantalope, watermelon (a different variety as I am not sure if I ended up with any planted from seedlings or not... I was seriously mixed up by the time transplanting was done!), and some celantro!

I am coming to the conclusion that I truly overshot on the zucchini. I didn't have enough last year, but this year, I may have enough to feed several families! Yay!



Yvette said...

Yippeeee! I see all that hard work and time taken away from your sewing room has paid off.

Karene said...

SWEET !!!! Can't wait to see what springs up next ! By the way, I love zuccini....ha,ha,ha

Jacque said...

Your garden looks awesome! Mine is slowly comin along...I'll have to send pix soon. You have worked so hard - soon you will get to enjoy the yummy veggies!

catfish said...

Your garden looks great! Our Home Depot bucket garden looks pretty sad in comparison :) BTW, what do you use as a pesticide? I remember trying diluted dish soap in sprayer but that didn't work too well. Any suggestions?

deb said...

wow, I love your garden!!!!! Im trying my luck this year with some cucumbers and tomatos but I get a lot of shade so we shall see.....