Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One less UFO

Got one finished! This is for Michael's boss, Cathy. She's expecting and due next month. She's having a boy. I had some cute green/frog squares I had scored on ebay, so I made one of my quick charm square quilts.

I tried a binding that was new to me. It's just a simple set of strips cut on the bias, which creates a sort of spiral look to the binding. I had not done one of those before, and it was fun to try. In retrospect, I think I needed greater contrast in order for the binding to be more obvious.

But still, its done, and ready for little Baby Mitchell!

I made a card to go with it, and Michael will be taking it to her tomorrow, because she's really not sure she's going to be at work much longer! I remember those days, when being pregnant went past having a "cute belly bump" and suddenly became just plain uncomfortable! We're hoping she has a smooth delivery and a healthy baby boy!!


Jacque said...

SEW CUTE!! And I am partial to a scrappy looking binding. I really like that - I bet Michael's boss will be thrilled!
Love ya,

Yvette said...

Very cute! Somebody has been sneaking up to their sewing room in the middle of the week.

Karene said...

ADORABLE !!! Yay for getting it done ! I like the binding and think it looks great !!! Great job, my friend. Finally, a new post....snicker, just kidding.

Anonymous said...

BTW, did I tell you how much I like the "Michael's Boss" quilt? :) Great job!