Friday, June 19, 2009

Cos We're Cool That Way

We rock scout hard, so you don't have to!!!

Someone I know is looking for jewel tones for a possible rendition of a certain Ode quilt that she wants to do in jewels instead of 30's reproductions.... So.....

First things first....We went to the Joann Superstore in Buena Park today..... to register for a Wilton Cake Decorating Class.... Michael can hardly wait. He is REALLY looking forward to eating the homework assignments and class projects.

The class is only $27.00 for four nights of instruction, one night a week. $9.00 a class is not bad! The beginner stuff we were told we would need was a bit pricey, but...... I had a 50% off coupon for one item which saved me $12.50 and a 40% off coupon for another item which saved me $5.60!!

The other items, mostly small and inexpensive, we will never the less acquire with coupons between now and July 8, the first night of class. Why pay full price?!

After we got class handled.... then we scouted the fabric section for jewel blender fabrics!

Here's the fat quarters! There are definitely some jewel tones in there!

And here's a shot of the quilting fabrics on the wall.... Also some jewel tones mixed in there, I think.

Oops! Karen slipped and ended up with a cool new pattern book. Yes, 60% off, thank you very much!

And we found a whole section of Quilters' Only Solids!

I have hereby completed my Enabling Practice Session for the day!

P.S. Karene, let me know if you decide to go check it out! I could be persuaded to clip a few coupons and keep you company!



Karene said...

SWEET, literally!!!! Thanks for thinking of me, Ms Enabler II. I look forward to tasting one of those cakes soon !!! Whose birthday is next, since MCB's isn't until May 2010. I know, Ms. Janet's is in July (I think) and Ms Yvette's in October.

Yvette said...

Great idea for a class. I can't wait to see the work of art you all create.

I am a fabric snob. The J store's stash may be pretty but it doesn't wash well or last.

Joy said...

I started to put in a second "P.S." on the post and say something with "With apologies to our beloved fabric snob....."


But still, it was good Enabling Practice!

(I guess I've been fortunate, so far my J'store stuff has done well... *crosses fingers*)


Jacque said...

I want to know what "J Store" is? Do I have one out here? I am interested because of the lovely sign on the fat quarters....99 cents!! Yay!

Joy said...


Joy and Karen are taking the class. Michael is eating the homework and class projects.

J-Store is Joanns.... Ms. Yvette had some bad luck with some fabric there once... I think expletives were involved.

But as I say, I've had good luck.... still crossing my toes, however!